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what was wrong with Suits being about 2 guys who did lawyer stuff together and giggled about how they were keeping a big secret from everyone

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Normal service to resume soon, I promise.
For now, have this, it is categorically stunning.


Normal service to resume soon, I promise.

For now, have this, it is categorically stunning.

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‘Have you ever seen Downton Abbey?’

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goodmenfall asked: can i just say how much i agree with you over what the suits writers are trying to force on to harvey and donna's relationship. it actually makes me angry that they are reducing a strong, capable and independent woman into just another sassy redhead with a crush on her boss. it's so painful to watch and i want it to end right now.


not to mention how they’ve been together for years. not only is that going to be awkward for the people playing those characters. But are you honestly trying to tell me that if Harvey noticed a crush from a secretary and he not only keep her employed but chose to flaunt “harvey/jessica” among other “appointments” in her face AND bring her when he transferred companies. especially without making a move on her? And harvey WOULD notice. The idea of something like that slipping past him is ridiculous. 

In addition, part of the reason Donna was such a beloved character was because we saw her not only stand up to what appeared to be this unmovable force, but stand her ground and win. If they are going to reduce her to a blushing girl with a crush how do you expect me to believe the dynamic they have portrayed is possible 

And it’s not even that really it’s more that everything is so rushed. Like, you have one of the most popular shows on air and you feel the need to give every single character a romantic interest and force it to be acknowledged instead of subtly making it part of the character not the reason behind every action or comment they make. 

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#sorry but the writers suck at romance  #arthurdented  #they did the same thing with rachel's character  #not just with mike but with louis